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Zhejiang YuHong Import and export Co., LTD.
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     Zhe Jiang Yuhong Import & Export Co., Ltd. approved by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade in 2007, Which the registered capital of 10 million the company already has more than 100 million dollars in exports. Our main: Auto Parts textiles, garments, light industrial products, mechanical and electrical equipment, metal mineral products, chemical health care products, such as import and export business of goods and technology import and export business in 2007 registered so far has a good reputation from the start of the rapid development of the company several people to today's annual export volume of more than fifty people increased year by year from 2007 to 20 million dollars to now more than 100 million dollars in annual export volume. Zhe Jiang Yuhong Import & Export Co., Ltd, high coverage and high efficiency service to companies and institutions recognized. In recent years, by virtue of our good reputation and solid financial strength, good service, has been, and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, nearly 200 foreign long-term good cooperation. Long-term cooperation with domestic factories reached more than 1,000, our company has a wholly-owned investments Ningbo Haohong Import and Export Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yuhong Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yuhong Electronics Co., Ltd. (preparation).



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