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Locke: The Chinese visa is expected to be extended to five times
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Yesterday, the U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke first came to the United States Consulate General in Guangzhou new premises inspected . He said the current U.S. visa of the " more than a year signed" policy is expected to achieve in the future , " signed more than five years ."

Expected future visa "to send cards home ."

    Locke told reporters that the U.S. embassy next focus will be on the Chinese citizens , " many years " visa " is a one-year multiple visa now , we hope that Chinese businessmen , students and tourists to give 5 years multiple entry visa valid . "

    In addition, he said, will also consider the future of the U.S. Embassy to apply for a visa directly send people in accordance with the current process , the applicant's visa is approved then, generally only go from its recent CITIC bank.

    Locke said that reducing visa wait times and improve the visa process was since he took office in 2011 one of the important goals . Currently face execution average waiting time is 1-3 days , the Guangzhou Consulate face execution time is shorter , has been reduced to one day , which made him proud . It is understood that , in Locke before taking office in 2010, China signed the United States faces an average waiting time of up to 50 days .

    According to reports, last year , the United States embassies and consulates in China 's non-immigrant visas issued reached 130 million copies. The first half of this year , non-immigrant visa has reached 790,000 copies, an increase of 12%. Among them, all for the United States Consulate General in Guangzhou Consulate African immigrant visa processing capacity of the largest service .

Affect students will not need to worry about short-term return to re- issue

    Currently, Taiwan, Hong Kong students can already a sign "Five multi-line" , the mainland can still only "one-year multi-line" , a visa , 5 years multiple entry When that happens , there will be what good ? Guangzhou Kai Tak education consultant director Li Peijie U.S. service introduction, which will directly facilitate the students to and from the two countries , and for the new visa processing time for those who make more for America visa speed.

   "In the past , students return home, if a visa lapsed , you must re- apply for a visa , in line with the conditions of delivery to sign in CITIC Bank , it normally takes 2-3 weeks , but some students choose to return to normal winter only stay 15 days or so, so time is very tight visa . " Li Peijie said that if the policy can be implemented , students will remain valid student status , winter can be returned to the U.S. five years in accordance with the principles of multiple entry , you no longer need a visa for the previous failure, short-stay China but still need to worry about re- visa .

    In the United States high school students choose their studies locally can enjoy a happy life . " Just follow the flow studies transfer I20, I20 documents obtained university , enroll in the next semester course , with this effective five -year multiple -entry visa , you can directly enter the United States ." Li Peijie said.

    Another example is the complete two-year Master's program students choose to continue for OPT paid internships in America , if maintaining student status , once home, as long as the visa is valid for five years, is still valid , but also directly to and from , without a visa .

    But Li Peijie reminded, length of stay in the United States based on student status to be, nothing to do with the validity of the visa , students completing their studies, can only stay 60 days in the United States , unless there is a legitimate status extended.

REVIEW : The recent U.S. visa changes

    March 16, 2013 : U.S. Embassy for the first time to the Chinese public offer online booking service

    From March 16 onwards, for most types of non-immigrant visa applicants pay only existing visa fee $ 160 unchanged . Previously, in addition to fees , the applicant also faces an appointment for a visa interview and arrangements for the return of his passport additional cost. Applicants will have the option to use any debit cards issued in China or overseas issued credit card payment online . Applicants will also be able to believe in any one Taichung ATMs with UnionPay ATM card , or at any CITIC Bank branch in cash.

     Applicants can also use a new online system for visa interview appointment and check the status of their applications . They will be able to call the new call center to make an appointment , or to answer their questions , without additional payment . The new system allows more than 900 applicants in China CITIC Bank branch in any one pick up their passports. In the new appointment procedure, the U.S. embassies and consulates will continue to be eligible for most of the renewed without personally interviewing applicants for non-immigrant visa renewal submission service .

     United States is committed to meet the growing demand for U.S. visas . 2012 , U.S. diplomatic missions handled more than 1,340,000 copies of non-immigrant visa applications , compared with 2011 increased by 34%. Nevertheless, the past year, the average waiting time for an appointment interview just five days . Our new appointment , fee payment , and we just return the passport system to continuously improve services to the public on China's tourism efforts.

February 9, 2012 : two kinds of people -free interview

    9 pm U.S. Embassy announced a further relaxation of the visa to China , so that more Chinese applicants are exempt from the interview treatment. New initiatives will include shortening the visa processing time , simplify the "low risk" applicant's visa formalities for the issuance of 40% of Chinese tourist visa , and opened 100,000 new visa interview opportunities.

    Under the new scheme , eligible "low risk" visa applicants are not required to accept the embassy visa officer then interviews can be directly renew or obtain a visa . This kind of " low risk" applicants include : the first one 's personal renewal visa expires . Including the return to the U.S. to continue their studies or research school student, or want to return to the United States engaged in commercial activities in the same location for business travelers. However, the applicant must already hold a valid U.S. visa , and re-apply for the same type of visa . The second is the first application for a visa applicants younger and older , this kind of applicant is 80 years of age or 14 years of age who .

 Under the plan, non-immigrant visa application time trial shortened to three weeks from the submission of applications from within .


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