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Textile exports will present a soft landing
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This year trade situation is still severe and complicated . The industry is expected in the second half as a whole textile industry foreign trade situation will be somewhat lower , the estimated annual growth rate of 5% to 8%.
According to the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said the first half of this year , China's textile and apparel trade to achieve a total $ 139.83 billion , an increase of 11.8% ; which exports $ 127.23 billion , up 12.1%, to achieve faster growth .
ASEAN market, which continues to grow in China's export market position for the first time surpassed Japan .
The industry is expected in the second half the textile industry, China's overall trade situation will drop slightly , the estimated annual growth rate of 5% to 8%.
    2010 China - ASEAN Free Trade Area fully completed , due to the overall reduction of tariffs and business exchanges between the two sides increasingly close bilateral textile and apparel industry complementary strengths full release potential for cooperation , ASEAN became my fastest growing export market.
    Chinese textile and garment exports to ASEAN in 2010, an increase of 35.7% over the previous year , an increase of 34.1% in 2011 , an increase of 34.2% in 2012 , ASEAN became China's national textile and garment exports of the fastest growing regions, the main export products from the past into the fabric of clothing .
    According to customs statistics, from January to April , China's textile industry exports to ASEAN 's main target is Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia , respectively, an increase of 64% , 128% and 45%.
    According to the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Information Branch sources: " ASEAN's position in China's export market has surpassed Japan, while clothing exports become the new darling ."
    The source said that since the beginning of our continuous efforts to ASEAN exports , exports each month maintain double-digit growth. First half of the total textile exports to ASEAN $ 16.18 billion , an increase of 43.1%. ASEAN in China's export market position for the first time more than Japan.
    The source said: "The subject of the sluggish economy , the RMB against the impact of the yen appreciates sharply since the beginning of exports to Japan has always been the lack of growth momentum as of the first half , total exports to $ 12.16 billion , down 0.5%. Categories of goods needles, woven garment export volume while still maintaining modest growth , but export prices are not rising , falling, cumulative decline of 0.5 percent . "
While exports to ASEAN , the fastest growing apparel merchandise . According to customs statistics, from January to June , China's total exports of clothing and clothing accessories amounted to $ 76.05 billion , up 13.4%. The one that our garment exports to ASEAN increased by nearly 80%. Needles , woven garments exports increased by 33 %, export price increase of 36.4% , apparel exports accounted for 40.5%, also rose further .
Export growth will fall
    Later this year, trade situation is still severe and complicated . Chamber of Textiles said that from the external conditions , the global economic growth , lack of motivation , the European debt crisis into a pit ; U.S. economy is still in a weak recovery phase, Qi Wen recovery will take some time ; Japan's quantitative easing policy is still doubt about the sustainability of effects , domestic consumption tax hike also to some extent inhibited the growth in demand ; economic slowdown in emerging markets , the currency devaluation and other factors will China's textile and garment export growth in the second half of an adverse effect .
    Domestically, high cotton prices , RMB appreciation, rising production costs as squeezing corporate profits of the " three big mountains" ; export sector is complicated procedures , inspection and shipping costs are high impact aging , increase business costs ; SME funding shortages, expand the export risks such as the long standing problem .
    But recently, a series of policy level support textile enterprises will help them cope with challenges : Recently , Premier Li Keqiang held an executive meeting decided to further fair tax , temporarily exempt some small and micro enterprises VAT and business tax ; Commerce Department is working with the State Department other departments to discuss policies and measures to stabilize export growth . "These measures will largely as soon as possible to promote export growth , alleviate pressure on enterprises ." Textile Association expressed .
Finally , textiles and textile trade associations on the overall trend of the second half to make a prediction: " Overall, we are textile and garment exports in the second half cautiously optimistic , initially expected in the second half than the first half of the decline in export growth , the annual growth velocity is between 5% and 8% . "


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