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Excessive toxic and hazardous chemicals into national focus on children's products
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Children's products as the Ningbo region is an important export products , one of the city's annual accounts for a large share of the export market , in the foreign trade of their status is essential. However , in recent years , the world of children's growing emphasis on product safety technology , especially in Europe and America and other developed countries , have been put forward all relevant laws, regulations, children's products to increase monitoring efforts ever increasing technical barriers to the export enterprises one has a problem. Which become toxic and hazardous chemicals, excessive focus .

   Recently , the European Union , the United States and have been released in a short time -intensive multiple notifications , strengthen toys , clothing and other children's products, phthalates , bisphenol A, flame retardants , formamide and other harmful or undesirable chemicals regulation, including :

   First, the Danish Ministry of the Environment on July 8, 2013 announced that in order to reduce child and adolescent exposure to hazardous and harmful chemicals, will begin this fall , with children and adolescents on toys, clothing and electronics container implementation bisphenol a, phthalates and other chemicals of compliance checks ; Egypt on July 1, 2013 onwards restrictions in toys and childcare articles using specific phthalates .

   Second, the United States revised "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act," to prohibit high chairs , strollers , baby walkers , car seats , cradles , fences and other children's products in the flame retardant filler cushion over 1000ppm; European Commission according to the EU toy Safety Directive (TSD), flame retardants in toys intended to introduce specific limits.

   Third, the French decision to ban excessive levels of formamide toys foam puzzle mats into the French ban was extended to August 2014 .

   In addition, apart from the new EU toy safety directive , but also issued a series of coordinated latest European toy safety standards. Some standard chemicals aluminum, antimony , arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium , trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium, cobalt, copper , lead , manganese, mercury , nickel , selenium , strontium , tin, tin and zinc such as the development of organic more stringent restrictions requirements and test methods .

   Emerging chemicals statute of limitations , so that enterprises overwhelmed , to the enterprise product design, production , etc., causing a tremendous impact. According to statistics, from January to July 2013 , the European Union , the United States , Canada and other Communist Bulletin 343 of China's export substandard children's products , of which due to various causes excessive levels of chemicals in the notification 74 onwards, the amount of 21.57% of the total reported . These countries are our major export markets children's products , the data show that from January to July 2013 , Ningbo toys , infant clothing and other children's products are exported 21,236 batches of exports reached 361 million U.S. dollars , of which exports to the EU 92,962,000 dollars, U.S. $ 83,065,300 , accounting for 50% of total exports .

   Set up a series of face of foreign chemicals road barriers , inspection and quarantine departments to remind : First, to raise awareness. Enterprises should have a correct understanding of foreign export laws and regulations in the off position to maintain a high level sensitivity , and timely attention to national regulatory developments , attention to national children's product briefing. Companies need to quickly digest the requirements of the laws and regulations , in accordance with the chemical classes , sources, limits and other established risk tables , the products classified management and control . Followed by the internal controls. Enterprises in the various regulatory documents to convey key points , the need to strengthen enterprise management capabilities to ensure that the new requirements in the design , procurement, production and other aspects in a real place , enhance product quality control , rigorous investigation of a variety of toxic and hazardous chemicals will control the amount of residues range required. Meanwhile, at a reasonable cost under the premise of considering the introduction of alternative chemicals . The third is to enhance the self . In numerous barriers export market environment , companies should avoid blindly follow , a loss, such as unnecessary additive flame retardant in children's products in order to improve the flame retardancy blindly added , resulting in excessive flame retardant substances . Enterprises should take the initiative to develop green products, to improve a variety of toxic and hazardous substances vigilance in the development of children's products adhere to the concept of health and safety , and actively develop high-quality products , creating corporate brand competitiveness, ensure the survival of the fittest backdrop of stable status .


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