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Food exports to the U.S. will face "foreign supplier verification" Program
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Food exports to the U.S. will face a more complex and rigorous inspection process. Reporters learned from the inspection and quarantine departments, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently based on the "Modern Food Safety Law" published a detailed implementation rules will be implemented for imported food "foreign supplier verification" program.

     The verification procedure requires that each importer for foreign suppliers to carry out "risk verification" campaign, be sure to enter the U.S. food production to meet specific process requirements. New regulations in addition to meeting the conditions of juice products, alcoholic beverages, in line with HACCP requirements seafood, low-acid canned foods, imported for research and personal consumption of food can get exempt status, other products such as grain, meat, condiments, candy , canned food, candy and other types of food almost all of the new regulations within the scope of monitoring.

     Related enterprises should focus on the following requirements: First developed for monitoring supplier delivery records, each batch certification, annual on-site inspection and other common standards. Second is the list of suppliers, verification vendors hazard analysis, hazard control and other key aspects importers were clearly stated.


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