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State Council executive will: promote trade facilitation measures to promote the stable development of import and export
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Xinhua Beijing July 24 , Premier Li Keqiang on the 24th chaired a State Council executive meeting , decided to further fair tax , temporarily exempt some small and micro enterprises VAT and business tax ; study identified trade facilitation measures to promote the stable development of import and export ; deployment railway investment and financing system reform , speed up railway construction in the Midwest and poverty-stricken areas .

The meeting held that China's current economic operation in a reasonable range , should be based on current and long play adjusting structure, promoting reform and positive effect on the steady growth , and constantly enhance the development potential and endogenous motivation. To facilitate in creating a fair and open market environment more effort on the excitation energy market players more ways to strengthen the weak links in the construction of greater efforts to give full play to the market mechanism , the release of reform dividends for the sustained and healthy economic development into inexhaustible power.

It was noted that a large number of small and micro enterprises , the vast majority of private enterprises, the promotion of economic development, promoting market prosperity , continue to play an important role in expanding employment . To support small and micro enterprise development , the Conference decided , by adjusting the expenditure structure and revitalize the stock of financial funds to ease the contradiction between revenue and expenditure , in accordance with the principle of fair taxation , from August 1 this year onwards, the sales of small and micro enterprises in less than 2 months million small-scale VAT taxpayers and business taxpayers can be exempt of VAT and sales tax , and pay close attention to research-related long-term mechanism . This will meet the requirements of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households enjoy the same tax policy, more than 6 million small and micro enterprises to bring affordable, thousands of people directly related to employment and income .

It was noted that the current economic environment of complex and challenging , both import and export growth slowed . Through institutional innovation , improve trade facilitation , and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises . One is to develop ways to facilitate customs clearance , pay close attention to the introduction of " one declaration, one inspection and one release " reform program , step by step implementation of the port in the country . Second, import and export links to rectify operational charges , reduce administrative fees . Temporarily exempt from export commodities statutory inspection fees. Types of goods to reduce the law review , in principle, no longer subject to export manufactured goods law review . Step up research statutory inspection reform program . Third is to encourage financial institutions to have orders, cost-effective enterprises and projects intensify support for the development of short-term export credit insurance business , expand insurance scale . 4 is to support foreign trade enterprise integrated services for small and medium private enterprises export financing , customs clearance , tax rebates and other services. Create conditions for the implementation of a zero tax rate for services exports , and gradually expand imports of services . Fifth, actively expand imports of goods , increasing the size of funds subsidized imports . Complete a variety of trade, to promote border trade. Sixth, efforts to promote basic balance of international payments , and keep the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level basically stable.

The meeting stressed that the railway is an important national infrastructure and livelihood projects, is a resource -saving and environment-friendly mode of transport . In accordance with the overall planning , diversified investment , market operation, the basic idea of ​​supporting policies to promote railway investment and financing system , which is the second railway institutional reform , to achieve separation of enterprise after another major reform initiatives . Through reform, the full liberalization of the railway construction market , priority construction and poor areas in central and western railway and related facilities . This will effectively promote poverty alleviation , promoting coordinated regional development , and actively and steadily promote urbanization, and better achieve the masses to improve production and living conditions , increase revenue urgent expectations. To this end, a multi-mode multi-channel to raise funds for construction , in order to guide the central government funds to attract social capital investment , the establishment of railway development fund. Varieties and innovative way of railroad bonds . Two would like to open the local and social capital intercity rail of the City ( suburban ) railway, railways and other resource development of the ownership and management rights . Third, we must strengthen its efforts to revitalize the railway land resources , improve the comprehensive development and utilization in order to gain support for the development of railway development . Fourth, we must accelerate the preparatory work so that the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to determine the focus of the project started in a timely manner at reasonable duration advance to ensure project quality . The meeting also passed the " Railway Safety Management Regulations ( Draft ) ."

Meeting stressed the need to continue to do a good job Dingxi strong earthquake relief work, so that people in disaster areas are properly placed . For the recent natural disasters may still be many kinds of hair , the various localities and departments must be based on the spirit of being highly responsible people , really good job in disaster preparedness and response , to ensure safety of people's lives and livelihood.



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